JFK Athletics—Welcome to your first experience with interscholastic sports!

Welcome to JFK Middle School! We have several competitive sports that run throughout the year.  They are as follows:

Fall sports—Girls Field Hockey, Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Girls and Boys Cross Country

Winter Sports—Girls Basketball and Boys Basketball

Spring Sports—Girls Softball, Boys Baseball, Girls and Boys Track and Field

A very important website for you to become familiar with is https://enfieldathletics.com/sports/   Go all the way to the right and find the JFK MIDDLE SCHOOL tab in red with all our programs.  Click on the sport you are interested in to find out information pertaining to that program.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you come to tryouts prepared.  For soccer, basketball, softball, and baseball, you need to have that sport’s specific skill sets ready to go.  For field hockey, you will need to be ready to learn what that sport has to offer.  For cross country and track and field, make sure you have been running at least two months ahead of time.  Coming to tryouts conditioned gives you the endurance and confidence you need to succeed.   

All perspective athletes need to have an up-to-date physical on file with our school nurses.  This is required to try out.  Parents/guardians need to follow up to ensure the physical is at school.  It is better to hand in the paperwork than to rely on a fax that may or may not come on time.  Perspective athletes who have an inhaler and/or Epi Pen must have a self-administer order on file with our school nurses.  These medications need to be always carried on their person when participating in sports.  Please invest in a durable waist pack for them.

To register for a specific sport at JFK, you need to visit https://enfieldathletics.com/register-for-athletics/   The registration portal we use is called Final Forms.  There are electronic forms for student and parent/guardian to complete.  Your child’s physical must be current.  The nurses will enter the updated physicals onto Final Forms.  Coaches will see green icons for completed tasks and red icons for incomplete tasks.  The $ icon will not turn green until your participation fee is paid once your child makes a team.  Make sure you register for a JFK sport and not and Enfield High sport!  The directions will be on this page.  Just click on the Final Forms link to get started!  If you need help, this link will explain how to register:



  • All sports practice Monday through Friday until 4:30 PM. (Track and Field is transported to the Annex in the spring, and parent pick up is at the Annex).  Parent/guardians must pick up their child at 4:30 PM each day of practice.  Pick up is at our auditorium entrance in the back.
  • We have home and away games and meet against other schools. Buses will take us to our away games and meets and back to JFK.  Please make sure your child has a phone so they can let you know the ETA back to JFK.
  • You cannot play two JFK sports within the same season.
  • You will receive a uniform that must be returned at the conclusion of the season.
  • If you play a travel sport, make sure it does not interfere with your JFK sport.
  • District policy states that you must maintain an overall C- average to participate in any interscholastic sport.
  • There is a participation fee of $100 if you make the team. If you are on free and reduced lunch, please contact our athletic director Cory O’Connell to let him know. His email is [email protected]
  • Contact your perspective coach if you have any questions.

Coach Ryan Rossignol 

Coach Rossignol Girls Head Coach for JFK soccer. 

I played soccer in Enfield soccer club from recreational to my travel/premier stages. As a soccer player, I had opportunities to play in Europe during my playing days in high school and college. I enjoyed coaching recreational soccer in town. I began coaching at JFK volunteering for boys’ and girls’ soccer as an assistant coach. I worked towards becoming the head Coach for Girls soccer for JFK. When I’m not running, I enjoy Coaching my sons Soccer team for ESA. As a coach we have made it to finals a few times and have won it twice. My goal for the team is for every player to have fun and for them to grow as a student athlete on and off the field. We are a team family that supports each other throughout the school year.



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