ADULT CPR/AED/First aid certification

The new Adult CPR/AED certification course offerings will now require participants to complete some on-line learning prior to attending the in-person skills session. The participant will be required to show proof of completion in order to demonstrate the skills and become recertified. Participants should expect to be at the in-person skill session for approximately 2 hours. Following successful demonstration of the skills, the employee will receive his or her certification via email, directly from the American Red Cross (look for an email from [email protected]). Please allow about 1 week from the date of the class for the email to arrive.


Questions about Certification


Q: What is Blended Learning? A: Blended Learning (BL) is a course that has both online eLearning as well as instructor-led classroom components. Many basic-level Red Cross Blended Learning courses include “simulation learning” as part of the online learning portion. Other courses also use “blended learning” but may not incorporate simulation learning. For example, American Red Cross instructor courses are also considered blended learning as they incorporate online training as a pre-course requirement as well as in-person training.


Q: What is Sim Learning? A: Simulation (Sim) Learning is an engaging, award winning online experience that puts participants in the middle of the action to make decisions and provide care during emergencies. The animated and interactive mission-based scenarios, participants are engaged in a very hands-on learning experience, better preparing them for the classroom skills session.

Q: What’s different and what’s the same between traditional blended learning and blended learning that uses simulation learning?

A: What’s the same?

What’s new with Sim Learning?

Additional Benefits of Sim

• Blended Learning with simulation still combines an online experience with an in-person skill session

• Covers the same program content and learning objectives

• Same 2-year digital certification upon successful completion of skill session


• Award-winning program provides an immersive, interactive online learning experience

• Engages participants in case-based scenarios called “missions,” not just click-and-play slides and videos of traditional online learning

• Skill sessions transition participants from the virtual world to the equipment and body mechanics required to demonstrate skill competency

• Instructional design with tiered approach (skill levels) better pre-pares students for classroom skills session

• Faster online course path option for experienced students who are recertifying

• Students can retake missions after course delivers corrective feedback

• Slow internet speed warning message on slow connections



Q: What is Direct Links? A: The Direct Links platform provides a self-service, easy-to-use portal for clients/students to access selected basic-level blended learning courses. Direct Links are not part of the Red Cross Learning Center and will not provide online completion status within the Learning Center.

Q: Sometimes our employees do not have emails, what should they do in the blending operation? A: They should use a personal email. An email is required for registration and access with Direct Links. Emails must be unique to each person.

Q: How long will it take me to complete the online learning? A: You should allow 1-2 hours to complete the online portion. Remember that this MUST be completed prior to the in-person skills session.

Q: How many times are participants able to try and successfully pass a virtual mission? Is there any difference between that answer and how many times they can try to complete a level 3 virtual mission? A: There is no limit. However, most students rarely need more than 3 attempts. There is no difference between levels.

Q: So does the progress indicator mean that this version can be started, left and returned to unlike the previous version? A: There is no progress indicator. However, once you complete a mission, the course will save your progress. You must complete a mission for it to save progress; if you abort a mission prior to completion, progress will be lost.

Q: What time frame after online course completion does the participant need to complete their skill session? A: Given the drop off in retention following completion of online training before the in-person portion, we recommend that participants complete and attend the in-person skill session within 30 days of completion.

Q: Can participants forward their completion email to their instructor? A: Yes, a student has the option to print their online completion certificate and/or email it to an instructor.

Course completion records and checking the status of course takers online completion cannot be accessed by Red Cross staff or the Training Support Center (TSC). Additionally, instructors will not be able to access student status of online completion. Only the student will receive notification of course completion which they must provide to their instructor.


Students will need to provide this verification of online portion completion to the instructor in one of the following ways:


  • Student prints out the online completion record from the course and brings it to class
  • Student can show the email confirmation received upon completion of the online portion to the instructor (i.e. show on mobile phone or other device or via printed copy).
  • Student can login to their account on their mobile phone to show their completion status that appears above the Launch Course button when the student completed the online portion.

Q: How long will my certification last? A: This certification will be valid for 2 years.

Q: What are the system requirements? A: System requirements for the online portion of Blended Learning.


Dual-­‐core processor with a speed greater than or equal to 2.3GHz




Any OS capable of running browsers and Flash version specified below


Chrome, IE8.0+, Firefox, Safari 5+ with Cookies, JavaScript, Images, Active-­‐X and Flash enabled

Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player 10.3or higher (1MB disk space needed to install; course

will check for minimum flash version and prompt you to upgrade if necessary)

Screen Resolution


Color Depth

High Color, 32Bit


500KB/s dedicated or faster.     Broadband internet access is recommended.


A soundcard, and either speakers or headphones (for multi-­‐media audio)

Participant access to Direct Links


Direct Link to Adult CPR/AED



·         The Direct Link will take the user to the LOGIN/CREATE LOGIN portal

•       First time users will select the “Create Login” button (see next screen)

•       Returning users will login with their existing credentials

•       Users who cannot remember their password can select “Forgot Password” And password reset information will be sent to the email provided in the “forgot email” prompt, if valid. If not valid, user will be asked to enter email again.

•       After selecting “login,” the Student will automatically be taken to the course launch screen (See Launch Screen section below)

•       First-time users will also receive an email confirming their account creation



First-time users

•       First-time users will fill in the registration information needed to create a login and select the “Register” button

•       Required information to enter includes:

•       First Name

•       Last Name

•       Email (enter twice)

•       If emails don’t match, users will get error notification

•       Password (enter twice)

•       If passwords don’t match, users will get error notification

•      User will be required to check “I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions” which links to this page:

•       After selecting “login,” the Student will automatically be taken to the launch course screen (See Launch Screen section below)

•       The user will also receive an email confirming their account creation


•       Students use unique email addresses when creating accounts

•       Student emails will not be used for marketing or any other communication unless relevant to using the Direct Links platform.


Launch Course Screen


•       Default state of this page displays course description, tips for properly running the course, completion status (Not Started by default, Complete once completed) and help information (TSC contact info: 800-REDCROSS and [email protected])

•       Expanded view displays list of full system requirements

•       Upon selecting Launch Course, the specific course tied to the link they were supplied will launch in a separate window (see next screen)

•       Should the Student close the course and return at a later time, they should use the original link provided by the instructor to return to the course. Progress will resume from where the Student left off.



•       Visual of course launching in separate window.


What if a participant can’t remember his login or password?

•       Login will always be the user’s email address. Because this is a self service module, it is up to the user to remember the email tied to this service. ARC Red Cross staff and the Training Support Center (TSC) will have no way of helping a user retrieve their login.

•       For those who do not remember their password, they can select the “Forgot Password” link on the Direct Links portal login screen. They will be prompted to enter their email address. They will then be emailed a link to reset their password. Email user receives will come from DO NOT REPLY – RED CROSS LEARNING.

Is Direct Links mobile friendly?

•       CPR/AED blended learning courses are not currently optimized for mobile devices. They are anticipated to be converted to a mobile-compatible format by 2017.

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