Health Guidance and Return to Play


Keeping our athletes healthy is the main focus of all involved.   Please see below for important information regarding certain health conditions:

Information Regarding Returning to Athletics following Covid-19

For initial response to COVID symptoms or positive test results, please CLICK HERE for the Enfield Public Schools COVID Response flow chart.

  • Asymptomatic and Mild cases may return after following EPS quarantine/isolation guidelines, as well as, completing the “Screening Returning to Athletics Following COVID” form. This form must be returned to the athletic trainers for evaluation.
  • Moderate and Severe cases must provide written documentation of medical clearance from their medical provider using the “COVID 19 Return MD Clearance” form. This clearance must indicate the medical provider has knowledge of the positive test and the student is medically cleared for participation in athletics. Student-athletes must follow up with the athletic trainers prior to returning to play.

Please note that all student-athletes returning must complete at least 1 (one) practice session before he/she will be eligible for game play.


Other concussion information for parents, student-athletes, and coaches:



Please view the videos below with outstanding information on injury prevention.



  • My son/daughter was evaluated by a physician for an injury. Does he/she need anything to return to his/her sports?
    • Yes. When an athlete seeks treatment from a physician in regards to an injury or medical condition, whether referred by one of the athletic trainers or not, a note is required from the physician clearing the athlete to return to athletics. This note, which may dictate restricted or non-restricted play, must be submitted to the athletic training staff. With this note, the athletic trainers are able to re-evaluate the athlete and return them to their sport. The athletic trainers will then work with the athlete and coach to determine the most appropriate practice and game plan to ensure there is minimal chance for re-injury.
  • Is there a comprehensive plan in place for emergencies that may occur at athletic events at Enfield High School?
    • Enfield High School has an emergency action plan that specifies how our coaches, athletes, and staff respond to emergencies, medical and non-medical, while at contests and practices held at Enfield High School and off campus venues (i.e. town annex and hockey rink). The plan is separated by venues and is issued and reviewed at each preseason coaches meeting.
  • Does Enfield High School have any policies in regards to the safety of its student athletes during periods of unfavorable environmental conditions?
    • Yes. Enfield High School has specific policies which address environmental conditions such as high heat/humid conditions and also lightning storms. The policies typically include modifications to practice and sometime game play. The decisions on these modifications are in collaboration between the athletic training department and athletic director and are made based on the daily environmental conditions.
  • My son/daughter stated they had to take the Sway test today. What is the Sway test and how is it utilized at Enfield High School?
    • The Sway System combines balance and cognitive testing measures to support healthcare professionals in performing accurate and informed evaluations for concussions. This allows our athletic trainers to administer a medical grade balance test in virtually any setting. It also assesses cognitive functions with quick and easy tests of virtual processing, reaction time, and memory.
    • Please see letter of information sent to each parent.
    • At Enfield High School, this process includes a baseline test to each athlete who participates in a collision/contact sport. These sports include: Football, Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Soccer, Field Hockey, Girls’ Volleyball, Cheerleading, Girls’ Diving, Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, Wrestling, Hockey, Boys’ Diving, Indoor Pole Vaulters, Baseball, Softball, Boys’ Lacrosse, Girls’ Lacrosse, Boys’ Volleyball, and Pole Vaulters. 
    • Any athlete who sustains a head injury during participation in a sport will be required to take a post-injury Sway test. The athlete then must achieve results within the results achieved on the preseason baseline test or within normal limits determined by the test should there be no baseline test, demonstrating that there are no cognitive deficits related to the injury.
    • The results of the Sway test do not determine whether or not an athlete may return to his/her sport. It is used as part of the athlete’s care in recovering from a head injury.
    • For more information on the Sway test, visit For more information in regards to the testing at Enfield High School, contact one of the athletic trainers.
  • I need to get in contact with one of the athletic trainers in regard to my son/daughter’s injury. How can I best reach them?
    • The athletic trainers are available primarily after school until the last contest/practice has concluded. Should you need to contact the athletic trainers outside of this time, their email address information can be found in the athletic training page.


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