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How Fast Can You Fly?

Cross country is a competitive sport.  A good time for one mile is under seven minutes.  This is achieved through hard work, commitment, and focus.  You will not get there on the first attempt, but with consistent training, it will happen.  You may even surprise yourself with an even faster mile time if your work ethic is on point!  Once you beat your toughest competitor (yourself) there is no stopping you!  Tryouts will last four days.  Athletes will have to complete a mile in 7:40 or less to qualify for the team.  Announcements will be made over the PA at JFK for our informational meeting and start date.  ALL INFORMATION  ICONS on FINALFORMS need to be GREEN in order to participate in tryouts!

Student first, athlete second...

All those who make the team will have two tasks: grades and running.  Success starts in school.  This is vital and expected.  'Student-Athlete' is my favorite adjective.  It embodies commitment to task, hard work, and respect.

How to Prepare for Distance Running!

The best thing perspective distance runners can do is to start training prior to the start of our season.  If you have never run before, try a walk/run routine.  You can visit the track at Enfield High or the Annex and walk a lap and then run the next. By the way, four laps is a mile! Continue this routine for about two to three weeks until you feel your endurance building to the point where you can run instead of walking!  You can also create a course in your neighborhood.  Just make sure it is safe.  Consistency is the key to building up endurance!


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Coach Zawodniak has been coaching JFK Cross Country in Enfield since 1999.  He was an assistant track and field coach from 2000-2007 at Enfield High.  He has been coaching JFK Track and Field since 2015.


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