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Dear Parents/Coaches/Athletes of Enfield High School:

Hartford Hospital Rehabilitation Network, a department of Hartford Hospital, is proud to be the provider of Athletic Trainer services to Enfield High School. An Athletic Trainer Certified (ATC) is a healthcare professional who, in collaboration with a physician, provides services in the areas of prevention, emergency care, evaluation, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and general medical conditions. Some of the common injuries treated are but not limited to ligament sprains, muscle strains, fractured bones, concussions and general medical illnesses. Your athletic trainers at Enfield High School are Mrs. Mary Della Volpe and Miss Brittany Verge. They also work out of the Hartford Hospital Rehabilitation Network physical therapy office on 100 Hazard Ave.

The athletic trainer is available primarily after school until the last contest has concluded. The weekly schedule, created with the Athletic Director, varies daily and depends on the current sports season. The ATCs evaluate many injuries as they occur during athletic participation. Should further intervention, such as x-ray or physician evaluation, be needed for an injury, you can expect communication from the ATCs regarding the care plan of an injury. The ATCs, members of the Hartford HealthCare system, are excellent resources of area physicians and will work with you and your athlete to coordinate the most appropriate care for the injury.

As the medical professionals assigned to the school athletic program, the ATCs are also responsible for the safe return to play for those athletes who have sustained an injury. When an athlete seeks treatment from a physician in regards to an injury or medical condition, whether referred by one of the athletic trainers or not, a note is required from the physician clearing the athlete to return to athletics. This note, which may dictate restricted or non-restricted play, must be submitted to the athletic training office. The note allows the athletic trainers to re-evaluate the athlete and return them to sport. The athletic trainers will then work with the athlete and coach to determine the most appropriate practice and game plan to ensure there is minimal chance for re-injury.

Please refer to the school athletic trainer section of the athletic website contact information for the athletic trainers. We look forward to working with you and your athlete. Please do not hesitate to contact the athletic training office with any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you and see you on the sidelines!


Mary Della Volpe, ATC - [email protected]

Brittany Verge, ATC - [email protected]

Your Sports Medicine Team

Mary Della Volpe - [email protected]

Mary DellaVolpe, is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) with Hartford Hospital since 2015, providing services to Enfield High School.  She graduated with her Bachelors of Science degree in Athletic Training with a minor in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies from Springfield College in 2014. Prior to Enfield High School, Mary was the athletic trainer at William H. Hall High School in West Hartford, CT (2016-2019), Windham High School in Willimantic, CT. (2015-2016), and Montrose School in Medfield, MA (2014-2015). She has been the Athletic Trainer at Enfield High School since the fall of 2019 and actively involved with all teams and athletic departments.

In addition, Mary provides continued clinical support to the Hartford Hospital Rehabilitation Network physical therapy clinic in Enfield on Hazard Ave. Mary has worked with numerous amateur and semi-professional athletes in sports, including ultimate frisbee, field hockey, ice hockey and maintains a close relationship with the U.S. Lacrosse organization. Growing up in Central Massachusetts Mary has always remained an active Boston sports fan and has worked with several NFL draft picks throughout her career. Mary currently resides in Enfield with her husband, dog, and cat. Her personal interests include spending time with family, travel, interior design, and playing/coaching sports.

Brittany Verge - [email protected]

Brittany Verge is a certified athletic trainer with Hartford Healthcare Rehabilitation Network since 2020, providing services to Enfield High School. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training from Castleton University in 2018. As a student at Castleton, Brittany worked with division III football, wrestling, softball and women’s basketball. Prior to her time at Enfield High School, Brittany worked as a full-time athletic trainer in Florida from 2018-2020. Brittany provides clinical support to the Hartford Healthcare physical therapy clinic on 100 Hazard Ave. During her free time, she enjoys hiking, hunting, fishing, and spending time with her fiancé and her two dogs.

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