As per direction of the Board of Education, both secondary schools (Enfield H.S. & JFK M.S.) will have a Sport Participation Fee for every student-athlete who is a member of a team or activity that is part of the Department of Athletics. These fees will help allow us to continue with our athletic program.


Each student will pay a flat fee of $100 per sport/per season at Enfield and JFK. There is a yearly individual cap of $200 per student-athlete and $400 per family. These annual caps apply to all athletes and families.


There will be an additional charge for Ice Hockey of $500 per player ($600 total) and for Golf of $100 per player ($200 total). These fees do not count towards the individual or family caps.

The Participation Fee should be turned in during the first week of practice and no later than a week before the first contest. Any fee that is not paid in full prior to the first contest or game, will automatically result in the student-athlete being suspended from participating until the entire fee has been paid or other arrangements made with the Director of Athletics. No cash will be accepted. Methods of payment include: personal checks, bank checks or money orders. All payments are to be made out to ”Enfield Athletics” with a memo indicating “Participation Fee”. All forms and checks should be turned in at the Athletic Office.


There are no scholarships for Participation Fees. Students on free or reduced lunch will receive a reduction or waiver. These can only be approved by contacting the Athletic Director. Families and students with special family situations may also request a fee reduction. This must be done in writing to the Athletic Director at least one week prior to the start of the season. Each request will be reviewed by the Athletic Director.

Please remember that this is a participation fee and it allows an individual to become a member of a team. It does not in any way guarantee any playing time.


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