JFK Cross Country and Track and Field Tryout Expectations and General Information

Coach Zawodniak and Coach Cerpovicz

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  • Students trying out for cross country and/or track and field must always have good grades (C- average as per district policy) and good behavior. Sportsmanship is a MUST. You are representatives of Enfield, JFK, and of our running program.
  • You will have to have an up-to-date physical (13 months) on file with our school nurses. You will have to also register on Family ID prior to tryouts.  There will be no exceptions so make sure you do this within the appropriate time frame.
  • Both seasons do not incorporate enough time to teach conditioning in order to build up endurance. That will have to be done by you prior to each season.
  • Cross Country: 7:50 for a mile in order to make the team
  • Track and Field: All runners must complete a mile without stopping during tryouts.
  • Track and Field: Those throwing exclusively must complete core work tryouts TBD by the coaching staff.
  • Track and Field: Those who wish to run the 100 must do so in under 16 seconds. The 200 must be run in under 36 seconds; the 400 in under 1:44; the 800 in under 3:45, and the 1600 under 7:00.  We would like a good 4×100 and 4×400 relay team.  If there is enough interest, a 4×800 team will be created.  Of course, the times listed above are not fast enough to get you to the state meet and are on the slower side for regular season meets.  We expect you to improve your speed through committing to your workouts.  The above times are more of an initial target for tryouts.
  • The track and field coaching staff reserve the right to place in you events as needed and per your ability level.
  • Track and Field: 55-meter hurdles, long jump, and high jump are the other field events besides shotput and discus.  Those interested in the jumping events and in hurdles will have to demonstrate prowess in terms of jumping ability and flexibility.
  • Once you qualify for the team(s), practices are Monday through Friday until 4:30 PM. Meets will run longer depending on factors such as numbers of runners and distance to and from away meets. If you miss three practices due to detention or suspension, you will be released from the team as these are not considered excused absences.
  • Cross Country: Your goal after two weeks is to run a mile closer to the six-minute mark. Again, if you conditioned prior to the season and tryouts, you should be able to accomplish this with dedication and commitment to the workouts.
  • Dress in clothing that allows you freedom of movement. Running shoes are required.  Racing flats for cross country and spikes for track and field are great for meets.  New England weather is full of surprises, and fall can see warm days and early spring could see cold days.  We have seen it all, believe it! So, it is YOUR JOB to know what the weather will bring in the afternoons.    HYDRATION is VITAL no matter what the temperature is!