COVID Health Guidance




The CIAC emphasizes that this plan is fluid and in a perpetual state of evaluation. COVID health metrics and data in Connecticut will continue to be closely monitored and the appropriateness of holding youth sport and/or interscholastic athletic contests can change at any time. The CIAC will continue to consult with our stakeholders and will adjust offerings as appropriate should the health metrics direct that action.

As categorized by CT DPH sport guidance, fall CIAC sports include: the frequent direct face-to-face direct contact sport of football; the intermittent direct contact sports of field hockey, soccer, and volleyball; the infrequent direct contact sport of cross country; and the no direct contact sports of golf and swimming.

All fall CIAC sports are scheduled to start on time, play full regular seasons, and compete in CIAC state championship post-season play.

Masks will be required for all indoor activities including practices, games, training room visits and use of locker rooms.  Masks will not be required during outdoor activities.

Quarantine, Contacts, Isolation

Fully vaccinated students/staff who provide proof of vaccination who are a close contact with a known COVID-19 case do not have to quarantine from sports or other activities, provided they remain asymptomatic after close contact with a known COVID-19 case , and wear a mask until receiving a negative COVID-19 test (taken between days 3 and 5 from the date of contact) or 14 days without a test.

Unvaccinated asymptomatic students who are a close contact of a known COVID-19 case will quarantine for 10 days (with a negative test between days 7 and 10) or 14 days without a test.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated students who experience COVID-19 symptoms after close contact with a known COVID-19 case will quarantine for 10 days (with a negative test between days 7 and 10) or 14 days without a test.

Returning to play after COVID positive test:

COVID 19 can affect the heart and lungs of the person infected. One uncommon but serious complication of COVID 19 is a heart condition called myocarditis. Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium). Myocarditis can affect the heart muscle and the heart’s electrical system, reducing the heart’s ability to pump and causing rapid, abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias) which can cause cardiac arrest. Exercise can increase the likelihood of permanent heart damage in myocarditis and increase the possibility of arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death. Student athletes who have tested positive for COVID 19 should follow the guideline noted below to decrease risk of developing complications from COVID 19 infection.

A graduated return-to-play protocol can begin once an athlete has been cleared by a licensed medical provider (cardiologist for moderate to severe COVID-19 symptoms) and feels well when performing normal activities of daily living. The progression should be performed over the course of a 7-day minimum. Consideration for extending the progression should be given to student athletes who experienced moderate COVID-19 symptoms as outlined above. If the student athlete experiences any symptoms of chest pain, palpitations, syncope, shortness of breath or exercise
intolerance, during this return to play protocol, they should stop exercise and inform their medical provider.

The following progression was adapted from Elliott N, et al, infographic, British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2020:

Stage 1: Day 1 and Day 2 – (2 Days Minimum) – 15 minutes or less: Light activity (walking, jogging, stationary bike), intensity no greater than 70% of maximum heart rate. NO resistance training.

Stage 2: Day 3 – (1 Day Minimum) – 30 minutes or less: Add simple movement activities (eg. running drills) – intensity no
greater than 80% of maximum heart rate.

Stage 3: Day 4 – (1 Day Minimum) – 45 minutes or less- Progress to more complex training – intensity no greater than
80% maximum heart rate. May add light resistance training.

Stage 4: Day 5 and Day 6 – (2 Days Minimum) – 60 minutes -Normal training activity – intensity no greater than 80%
maximum heart rate.

Stage 5: Day 7 – Return to full activity/participation (i.e., – Contests/competitions).




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